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Have you ever wondered if plants really worked?

To find out, read our story...

CEO Lou of MybesteaI am Lou Bartholomée. I spent my childhood in Asia then in Paris, France. At 25 years old I found myself with an extra 40 pounds. Getting dressed became a real headache. I was ashamed of going out on the streets…

When I traveled back to Hong Kong I found out about tea and plants. There we drink tea and plants every moment of the day and they are even part of their traditional medicine. I started losing weight, feeling better and better and got the feeling I was detoxifying.
It became a habit. When I got back to Paris I kept drinking tea and plants. While reading a woman’s magazine, I came across an article by Caroline Gayet, dietician, nutritionist and herbalist that talked about the effectiveness of plants. I decided to call her in order to create a more effective potion to make me lose my 24 extra pounds left. This is how my first Detox potion was born. Thanks to this cure, miraculously my extra pounds disappeared!

As of my friends, they were surprised by the results they saw on me and started asking me for advice for recipes for detox, slimming, skin beauty, energy boosting, relaxation and even pregnancy herbal teas. I contacted Caroline again to put together specific cures adapted to their needs. Great success, they all loved it because the results speak for themselves. Drinking their herbal teas became a sacred ritual. It’s their own little moment of pleasure in the present time.

So I said to myself, why not make my cures available on the internet? Routine is over; I am starting a job that makes more sense! I obviously called Caroline again who in the meantime became my friend and is now my partner. Mybestea was born. Week after week, we develop together the best recipes, delicious and effective. Caroline and I are addicted to these natural 21 days cure and so are our girlfriends. Join us on this adventure and improve your well-being in 21 days with the right cure for you: Detox, Relaxation, Cocoon, Beauty and Energy Boosting.

We found the best medicinal plants in France. The plants we use are wild or organic quality. Wild means the plant grows in its natural environment with no human intervention. Organic means its culture is free of synthetic chemicals. The green tea comes from Asia and the rooibos from South Africa. Our delicious mixes are finally bagged in a small Britanny factory. As a result, the cures are developed for their impeccable quality and their harmonious scents.

Drink plants, they are good for you!


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