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Fit ENERGY herbal tea "21 days cure made in France"

Get super power and a fit body thanks to plants!

If you are a great fitness girl our Energy herbal tea full of nutritional richness in animo-acids and fibers can be useful to purify your body and hold your muscle mass.

Detoxify your body and find a body free of free radical substances due to pollution, digestion and stress

Wake up and stay fit tonic all day long

Strengten you muscle mass thanks to a more effective assimilitation of nutriments


Horsetail preserves bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments’ integrity and will therefore be useful to painful joints. Fenugreek and alfalfa are plants that help the assimilation of nutriments thanks to their nutritional richness in amino-acids and fibers that hold the muscle mass. Cherry stems are a wonderful recovery drink for sportspeople that wish to fight muscular soreness. Their anti-cellulite action is highly appreciated! Sencha green tea is one of the most antioxidant ones and it fights free radicals generated through sport but also through pollution, digestion, tobacco or even stress. Ginseng is ideal to sustain tired bodies. Ginger has anti-inflammatory, digestive and toning effects. Last but not least, lemongrass is digestive and refreshing.

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